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Vereijken: Specialists in livestock equipment

Vereijken Hooijer BV is a family business which is run by two generations of the family Hooijer. This way, the pig farming knowledge and experience of the first generation is combined with the creative and innovatie input of the second. Making Verijken Hooijer a "young company with a lifetime of experience".

In the past years, Vereijken has split into two Ltd.'s: Vereijken PigProjects and Vereijken PigFlooring. Both characterized by their high-quality products and expertise. 

Vereijken PigFlooring

Vereijken PigFlooring is specialised in flooring and farrowing systems for the pig husbandry. The products are high-quality, have a proven durability and are sold worldwide by our dealers.

Vereijken PigProjects

Vereijken PigProjects is specialised in complete livestock equipment for pig husbandry. This includes the gestation, farrowing, weaning, fattening and every other type of pig husbandry, plus the instalation! Our PigFlooring products are of course also part of this equipment! Whether you are building a new stable, or renovating an existing one, Vereijken PigProjects will offer expertise and help you with creative and flexible solutions!